About us:


Mission and Goals:

*       Reclaiming and teaching women’s crafting and artistic traditions that would otherwise slowly disappear

*       Use these traditions to dismantle and combat patriarchy, kyriarchy, capitalism and consumer culture

*       Share confidence with each other and gain self-love abilities by learning wonderful new things

*       Learn about the collective model and embrace its ability to create open, safe spaces while working within an anti-oppression framework

*       We use crafting as an avenue to feminist activism and community outreach/education 

How does the collective work?

We work on a bi-weekly schedule of meetings, although we meet up every week. One week, we will be learning a new craft together in the WPIRG office (Student Life Centre 2139). The next week, people are encouraged to either bring the new craft they learned, or another crafting project all together, to a discussion about feminist activism in the Women’s Centre (SLC 2102). Discussion topics will be decided by the collective on that day in response to current events, life events, and feminism/crafting in general.


Why do we call ourselves a ‘skill-share’?

Because that is how people taught each other new crafting ideas throughout history! Sharing, talking, experimenting and creating. If you have craft ideas that we aren’t talking about, by all means bring them UP J


What kinds of crafts are we going to do?

*       Crochet

*       Knitting

*       Folk crafts

*       ‘zines

*       Jewellery

*       Broaches

*       T-shirts and clothing

*       Pillows

*       Radical-f*cking-CUPCAKES

*       Sexual health-related crafts (like vulvas!)

*       Seed paper

*       …and anything else you want!




So how do I get involved?

*       If you want MORE information than what this zine covers, e-mail us at craftivistzinejustice@gmail.com

*       Show up to one of our meetings! It doesn’t matter if you come to a crafting session or discussion first


Folks are encouraged to:

*       Be positive, accepting, and inclusive

*       Share crafting ideas

*       Share supplies and hooks and needles and such

*       Bring delicious teas and snacks to share at the meetings and discussions (vegan, gluten and peanut free options are preferred)